PayByPhone Produkte

How to use the PayByPhone Card

Here you will find detailed instructions on how best to attach the PayByPhone Card to the windshield of your car to ensure smooth operation when entering and exiting the parking garage.

Where can I attach my card?

There are 3 possible zones for mounting the PayByPhone Card on the inside of the windshield. Which zone best ensures a good card signal depends on the type of the windshield and must ideally be tested during the first entries into parking garages.

Zone 1: In the case of metallized windshields (heat protection), the metal particles interfere with the card’s radio waves. On windshields like these, there is a section in the middle in the area around the rear view mirror which is excluded from the metallization. The PayByPhone Card can be attached here.

Zone 2: With heatable windshields, the area on the lower left of the driver’s side is suitable for the PayByPhone card.

Zone 3: You have neither a metallized nor a heated windshield? Then the card can be mounted on the top left of the driver’s side.