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Central parking management for companies

For companies, public parking comes with enormous administrative costs, from the need to collect receipts to the creation of travel expense reports, all the way to review and approval processes.

With the central parking management of PayByPhone Fleet, you can minimize such expenses for your company. In addition, you provide your employees with a solution to allow cashless payments throughout Germany.

Fleet managers also have the option of managing all parking events and creating and maintaining users via a web portal.


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Advantages of PayByPhone Fleet

  • Optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your fleet with digitized parking receipts.
  • Cashless parking via app or SMS: Relief of field staff from unpleasant administrative tasks.
  • Monthly billing with all parking events: Facilitated accounting and simple invoicing
  • No input tax losses because of missing or non-deductible receipts.
  • Minimize administrative costs for parking tickets caused by expired pay and display tickets.
  • Start/stop function in selected cities: Your employees can stop the parking event independently.
  • Predictive parking in selected cities: See how much parking space is being used and avoid unnecessary searches for parking spaces.

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Fair conditions, monthly cancellation

PayByPhone Fleet is billed via active phone number: A phone number that has been activated in PayByPhone Fleet at least once during a month. Telephone numbers that are not active will not be billed. Prices include statutory VAT.